What is Reiki and what to know before a treatment


Reiki is an universal energy healing method of Japanese origin.

As a therapist and Reiki practitioner I act as an energy catalyst. I channel the energy that surrounds me to share it with you.

The Reiki treatment strengthens the vital energy that flows within you. It is referred to as Chi in Chinese, Ki in Japanese or Prana in Hindu and acts on our chakras or energy centers.

Reiki helps to remove blockages caused by stress, emotions stuck inside of us or even negative thoughts. It helps strengthen our immune system and brings a great sense of well-being.

Therapeutic hypnosis


It requires the active participation of the patient. It is more a state of deep relaxation, during which the patient will be able to express himself freely. The therapist uses metaphors, i.e. symbolic language, to guide the subject's unconscious mind and lead him or her to find solutions to problems on their own.


It cannot in any case replace a medical treatment. If you have any doubts seek your doctor's advice.