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Personal development is first and foremost believing in yourself and not worrying about asking  for help to move forward, bounce back or simply get a new opinion.


I took time to study several school of thoughts dedicated to the improvement and the  knowledge of the Self, highlighting our achievements, potentials and talents. All these are experiences that enhance the  quality of our lives and affect our goals and our dreams.


Personal development is not a psychotherapy but is the result of a variety of trends and influences. It is about giving you the tools to become autonomous and not dependent on me.


My philosophy and approach to personal development are to identify all unconscious biases and limiting beliefs, to analyse them in order to be able to reformulate them into actions and constructive thoughts.


My approach to personal development was born out of personal and professional experience  as well as numerous studies . It covers a broad range such as:


Behavioural sciences

Therapeutic hypnosis

Navigating in the luxury industry

Self branding

and much more ...

I also address certain pathologies (phobia, anxiety, shyness) and personal performance aspects  (better self-understanding to understand others, time management, assertiveness...)




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